The next conference in this series will be held in Grenoble, France, 21-27 July 2011

HEP2011 Grenoble

The last conference in this series was held in Manchester, England, 19-25 July 2007

Satellite meetings

The Trans Europe School of High Energy Physics (TESHEP) in Zakopane
8-14 July, 2009

Location Geovita, Hotel and Conference Center
Attendees: 45

Organizing committee:
S. Barsuk (LAL)
C. Bourge (LAL)
L. Dobrzynski (LLR)
A. Horzela (INP)
I. N. Kadenko (Kyiv U.)
L. N. Lamonova (KINR)
T. Lesiak (INP)
O. B. Lysenko (IAP)
V. M. Pugatch (KINR)
M.H. Schune (LAL)
V. Sharyy (IRFU)
A. Stocchi (LAL)
V. Yu. Storizhko (IAP)

The idea of international school addressed to PhD and diploma students and devoted to current problems of high-energy physics, arose in the spring of 2007. The program, composed of lectures on basics topics and seminars especially addressing questions on "new physics" expected to be discovered in forthcoming experiments on the LHC accelerator in CERN, is completed by a direct investment of the students who are asked to present their current research progress. An important objective of the school is to favor the exchanges in the field of high-energy physics between West and East European countries and to give to the students the possibility to access to lectures provided by high-level specialists in our domain.

The previous two schools of these series were held in Ukraine:
Mukachevo 2007
Buymerovka 2008

The event important continuation of scientific collaboration between Polish Academy of Sciences, CNRS/IN2P3 (France) and Ukrainian community of high energy physics, but also valuable contribution to its further development between all the European countries interested to join the Trans Europe Initiative undertaken by French CNRS/IN2P3.

Low Energy Constraints on Extensions of the Standard Model
July 23-27, 2009 - Kazimierz, Poland

Organizing committee:
Henryk Czyz (University of Silesia)
Maria Krawczyk (University of Warsaw)
Mikolaj Misiak (University of Warsaw)

The main question to be discussed at the workshop is what information on beyond-SM theories can be obtained from the physics of B-mesons, Kaons, neutrinos, and all the other low-energy data, including dark matter searches.

FLAVIAnet is a Marie Curie Reseach Training Network supported by the European Community's Sixth Framework Programme devoted to flavour physics. The network Contract was concluded between the European Commission and consortium on 1st October 2006 with duration of 48 months.

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