The next conference in this series will be held in Grenoble, France, 21-27 July 2011

HEP2011 Grenoble

The last conference in this series was held in Manchester, England, 19-25 July 2007

EPS-HEP2009 prizes

The EPS HEPP Board awards prizes in the following categories:

  • The High Energy and Particle Physics Prize
  • The Young Physicist Prize
  • The Gribov Medal
  • The Outreach Prize

More detailed information can be found at

The prize giving ceremony took place on Monday morning, July 20th, 2009.

The prestigious EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Prize was awarded to the Gargamelle Collaboration for "The observation of the weak neutral current interaction".

The 2009 EPS Young Physicist Prize was awarded to
Maurizio Pierini
for his contributions to the study and analysis of decaying B mesons
and Niki Saoulidou
for her contribution to neutrino physics.

The Gribov Medal was awarded to
Freddy Cachazo
for the study of properties of scattering amplitudes in gauge theories and gravity.

The 2009 EPS Outreach Prize was awarded to
Herbert Dreiner and Michael Kortmann
for the idea and realization of a physics show performed by university students and especially for the realization and sustainment of a particle physics show within this framework.

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