The next conference in this series will be held in Grenoble, France, 21-27 July 2011

HEP2011 Grenoble

The last conference in this series was held in Manchester, England, 19-25 July 2007

The 2009 Europhysics Conference
on High Energy Physics

16-22 July 2009 Krakow, Poland

Scientific Programme:

Standard Model and Beyond
QCD and Hadronic Physics
Physics at Future Facilities
Neutrino Physics
Astroparticle Physics
Non-perturbative Field Theory
Flavour Physics and CP Violation
Detectors and Data Handling
String Theory
Heavy Ions
Accelerator R&D


European Physical Society

Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN

Jagiellonian University

AGH University
of Science and Technology

Polish Physical Society

Honorary patronage

Minister of Science and Higher Education
Barbara Kudrycka

The President of Kraków
Jacek Majchrowski

Marshal of the Małopolska Region
Marek Nawara

Rector of the Jagiellonian University
Karol Musioł

Rector of AGH University
of Science and Technology
Antoni Tajduś

Media patronage

Radio Kraków Małopolska

Radio Akademickie

Miesięcznik społeczno-kulturalny

TVP Kraków

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